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About Me


My background

How I got started

How I got started

I'm Roger Muller, born and raised in Chicago.moved to Florida to follow my dream of owning my own restaurant. i have over 25 years experience and I have a culinary arts degree. come visit us Roger's Chicago hotdogs in Holiday FL 


How I got started

How I got started

How I got started

i love food. i grew up helping my Mom cook and learned everything from her.  was born and raised on the westside of Chicago lived in Chicago and suburbs until  (2017) when i moved to FL to follow my dream. 


My taste

How I got started

My taste

coming from Chicago, which is known for the Pizza and Chicago hot dogs, & Italian beefs. these are 3 of my favorites... there is limited access to this type of delicious foods in Florida   i know not everyone gets the Chicago style or taste, they just don't know.! well hopefully i can help them learn how  great it is... 

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Roger's Chicago Hotdogs LLC / Roger's Chicago Beef

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